a breif update.... more to come

so my house burned down... silly girls with their blasted candles. New house now, kinda cramped, gettin by. Still in Portland. needing to escape... NYC is missed deeply.


A glimpse of ecstatic

Moonrays highlight the cracks where my soul hides
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Been watching adult swim. I love Home Movies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the Oblongs....

School is going, I'm feeling the need to start something remniscent of P.S. One in NYC. A weekly or Bi Weekly art, music and local arts event. DJ's, BBQ, Art and some socializing on Saturday afternoons.

"Meat wad get the honeys see, meat wad makin money see."

I also want simplicity and a place to create all day. Doug wants to open a record store/chill spot. Maybe I should just go into buisiness with Doug, bring Amy along to smoke weed.

Life is so easy and so complex

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I'm going to see Eyedea, Aceyalone and Prince Paul tonight. Should be great, hopefully, Amy will come out too. Plus, Lifesavas album launch is coming up in 2 weeks.

Waiting on dr.'s to make arbitrary decisions about my knee. Hoping to avoid them slicing me open again, but we'll see...
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I am going to the coast tomorrow, I hope... I think Amy and I should cause some trouble on some all terrain longboards. Gotta escape the monkey on my back...

Gotta go see Aceyalone and Prince Paul and eyedea.... Need some hip hop, some clarity, some xanax...

Gotta go bump "The many faces of oliver hart"

P.S, Eyedea-The Many Face Of Oliver Hart is the sickest CD... if youi don't own it, go buy it.
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"Now I got a pulse that bumps less than a cocaine binger"

I have torn cartelidge in my left knee, and I'm stranded in New England for 2 more weeks. It's alright, Doug is around and I get to see all my RISD kids. Just sucks now having 2 fucked up ass knees. I will leave a meaningful post sometime soon. When I get back to Oregon, I'm moving into a house with some people I like, which will make life there easier...
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More sleepless nights. I feel stretched thin, on the verge of snapping. My sleeping pills have started to seem to work only when THEY feel the whim, not when I'm in NEED. I start feeling a distance between the populace in general and myself. Sleep deprivation is draining on it's own. Then, add my meds, plus my herbal remedies and I end up with subtle hullucinations.

I now get to finish getting ready for a seven hour lecture class. While Chef Brophy is great, that long a lecture, after creeping near a week without sleep, might be the final straw.

I'm off to finish getting ready... Gotta find a book to read when idiots start asking questions...
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Sleepless nights

Another night without sleep. Left awake to ponder the status of my life. Reading kafka and a little Jonathan Ames for some balance, it's a little less than succesful.

I hope to accomplish something today. What, I'm not sure. I have class, then have to do a favor for a friend. Maybe I'll come home, do projects I've been procrastinating on and study "The French Laundry" for ideas to push the culinary limits.

Maybe I'll write a sonnet, a poem or a verse. Maybe I'll just read Dr. Seuss from my roof to all the people out in the rain.

I'm gonna lose myself inside myself, reallign my eyes to see whats felt.

Tactile senses surrounded by sensationalists eager for a taste. Just like everything in life, the first taste is free, after that, it's gonna cost ya.
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My monitor may explode into a cascade of glass and tubes at any moment. I must be brief. Life is hectic, but ok. Filling time with THC cookery and a little bit of outrage.

"Drug money funds terrible things." Yes, well, so do our tax dollars.

I need to move...
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